Installation view, Chronophobia: c3 Contemporary Art Space, 2017. Image Courtesy: Vivian Smith

Katie Paine is a Naarm/ Melbourne-based artist and writer whose practice investigates systems of meaning-making, specifically, the role images and language play in constructing narrative. She investigates the acts of speaking, reading and writing: these tools are often used to successfully communicate knowledge but in her work she explores the ways that they can be fallible, porous and mutable. Within her work Paine uses text, drawing, video, assemblage and installation to explore our collective conceptualisation of time and the way systems of meaning-making are culpable of perpetuating fraught narratives, particularly in relation to our understanding of history.  In her research, Paine looks at the fallacies of bureaucratic institutions: the way in which they are hostile to living bodies and also the limits of the archive’s capacity to communicate lived experience of an event.

Paine has exhibited at c3 Contemporary Art Space, Channels Festival, Blindside ARI and George Paton Gallery: her work will be included in an upcoming exhibition at La Trobe Art Institute. Using writing as a mode of artistic practice alongside criticism, Paine has written for institutions such as Next Wave, Bus Projects, Nicholas Projects, Un Projects, Art Almanac and Art and Australia.

Katie is the co-founder of *dumb brun(ette), in collaboration with artist Diego Ramriez. *dumb brun(ette) is a discursive online platform dedicated to generating discussion around artistic research. Its main output is a series of interviews, fictions, essays and reviews which seek to make visible the paths that practitioners undertake as they navigate the contemporary art world. They document the relationship between: artists and their work; the history of ideas; exhibition spaces; and lived experience.  

You can find contact her at, or find her on Instagram,  documenting her ongoing practice as @dreamsofspeaking.

Katie would like to acknowledge that the land that she works on is unceded, and acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which she works, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.



2011 - 2013:                  RMIT University- Bachelor of Fine Art. (With Distinction)

Solo/Collaborative Exhibitions:

Forthcoming:                Indelible Visions-Pt 2, Boxcopy Brisbane

January 2020:                Indelible Visions, SEVENTH Gallery

March 2019:                At the End of a Passage from Which No Exit is Possible, with Henry Law at Kings ARI

July 2018:            Something that, perhaps, sits outside of speech, Irene Rose Gallery

May 2017:            Chronophobia, c3 Contemporary Art Space

September 2016: Future Devonian Archive, Rubicon ARI

March 2016:                  The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away, George Paton Gallery

Group/ Curated Exhibitions:

September 2019:          Perspectives on Distance, Nagano Sky Arts Festival, Japan. Curated by Jesse Hogan.

August 2019:               Relics of Survival, curated by Zoe Bastin and Kari McInneny McRae, Bus Projects

June 2019:                   The Museum of Platitudes and Aphorisms, c3 Contemporary Art Space. Curated by Phil Edwards

March 2019:                  SEVENTH Gallery Annual Fundraiser

July 2018:                    The Grammar of The Glitch, Latrobe Art Institute. Curated by Kent Wilson

November 2017: B-side Blindside Fundraiser- exhibiting beside Diego Ramirez

October 2017:             [Message Read], Blindside ARI

October 2016:             From the Archive, George Paton Gallery curated by Stephanie Berlangieri and Hanann Al Daqqa

October 2016:              An Excavation, c3 Contemporary Art Space

Special Projects:

March 2018:                Co-Published *dumb brun(ette) Vol 1 with Bus Projects At Melbourne Art Book Fair, NGV

December 2017:          Presented a body of fiction at (Un)Ethical Futures: Utopia and Dystopia and Science Fiction- A Monash University Conference

June 2016:          Writers in Residence Program, Next Wave Festival


September 2019-         disseminating information that was hard to comprehend- Kings ARI FLASH Night

August 2019-                Bundoora Homestead, for Jon Butt’s Collider

August 2019-               Relics of Survival, Bus Projects

September 2017:          Documents of the Future, Channels Festival, ACMI- Curated by Anita Spooner


September 2018: No Safe Place to Rest Your Eyes, c3 Contemporary Art Space

June 2017:           A Joke Without Laughter, c3 Contemporary Art Space

March 2017:                  Inherent Vice, Nicholas Projects

Writing (Selected Publications):             

August 2019:               The Image has an Illness, for Aaron Rees- Incinerator Gallery

August 2019:                 A Chorus to Span Generations, Art + Australia

July 2019:                    The Beloved Image is But a Spectre, for Grace Wood, Cool Change Contemporary

June 2018:                   The Images that Deceived Us, for Emanuel Rodriguez Chaves, Bus Projects

April 2018:                  Illicit Love, Co-authored with Diego Ramirez, Latrobe Art Institute

July 2017:                     Review, Georgina Cue- Stages, Un Magazine

June 2017:                   A Catastrophe that Never Comes, for Amalia Lindo, c3 Contemporary Art Space

July 2016:                    Exhaustibition: Performing Wellness in the Arts, Art + Australia

June 2016:                   Chiharu Shiota- Absence, Art Almanac

Relevant Employment:

Nov 2016- Present:       Gallery Manager, c3 Contemporary Art Space

2016-2017:                  Program Coordinator, CRITICAL Arts Writing Program, RMIT University

Keynote presentations/ panel discussions for RMIT University, Midsumma Festival, LaTrobe Art Institute, La Trobe University, c3 Contemporary Art Space and Seventh Gallery