Basil Papoutsidis: Livery

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 12.45.15 PM.png

Drawing from the historical contexts of formalist abstraction, Livery is a product of Basil Papoutsidis’ hierarchical filter and the utility of construction specific materials. An interest in the similarities between sculptural studio practice and custom automotive culture is combined with a practice into the behavioural outcomes of construction processes and materials, such as steel, plaster and PVC.

This certain hierarchy is the idea that any form of object or visual construction must encompass a dominant, sub-dominant and subordinate element in order for it to be successfully finished. Using this filter, Papoutsidis constructs a series of sculptural works that respond to the history of automotive applications through a theatre of material gestures, depicting volume and form in play.

Basil Papoutsidis’ practice explores the aesthetic course of material behavior through deconstruction, utilizing the post-painterly idea of object as subject matter. Papoutsidis is a Melbourne-based artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) from The Victorian College of the Arts. Recent solo exhibits include Auto Salon at Kings Artist-Run and Sunday Ride at Seventh Gallery.

You can read the catalogue here