Documents of the Future: Invitation to Edit

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We knew the document. The document as we know it has become unfixed. We no longer know what it is, or where. Less like an object, more like the weather.

Interval and Channels present Documents of the Future: Invitation to edit, a collaborative performance-document. An international group of artists will convene and present research-led performances on the unstable and transformative nature of documents. 

Curated by Anita Spooner.

Hosted by Sabina Maselli.

With performances by Caitlin Cummane, Jane Frances Dunlop, Aurelia Guo and Caroline Sinders. The Performance Document Working Group includes Kristina Bengtsson, Paolo Cirio, Frances Fleetwood, Joe Hamilton, Nikki Lam, Katie Paine and Max Stolkin

Duration: 60 mins. This session will take place in Studio 1.

Bring your own laptops and smart phones with Google Documents. A staff member will assist you to open the application.