Simon Attwooll: Sticky Plaster in the Gene Pool

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.00.36 PM.png

Sticky Plaster in the Gene Pool: Bus Projects

Dull afternoon light falls on a series of monochromatic prints suspended by the far window; their painterly detail, like curious bodily secretions, reflected in the assemblage installed on the gallery floor. Gazing at the prints, there are flickers of a recognisable subject, but their true nature remains inscrutable. Are they landscapes? - If they are, they are certainly not terrestrial. Am I looking at glass from which something has been rubbed away? The prints in Sticky Plaster in the Gene Pool contain layers so intricately entwined, one feels that if they could prize them all apart, the whole print would surely shatter. Angular shapes slice in to the peripheries, as though, at some stage, the prints had been stored as a stack, each print leaving the echo of the one that came before. These works are like an Escher print, the moment you think you’ve figured out how they’re made, your eyes blur, forms float in front of your eyes and once again you can’t grasp it, and need to start back at the beginning...

You can read the full catalogue essay here